Portal To Great Maritime Collections

By James Shuttleworth

Also known unofficially as the San Francisco Maritime Museum Library, the J. Porter Shaw Library is more than a building full of books. It is your portal to the vast collections of maritime related documents, plans, photographs, objects, and visual records. The library is your starting gate to thousands of records and physical items relating to things maritime. The Library is part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park (SFMNHP), better known as the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

A bonus is the setting. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. You can gaze out the windows of the Library upon the Bay. From the walking path on the hill behind the Library there is an incredible view of the Golden Gate. The Library is located in a former US Army Quartermaster warehouse (Building E) on Fort Mason. U. S. Army Transport ships, such as the Sheridan, Logan, et al, docked at the adjacent piers in years past. Add to this, the knowledgeable and extensive services supplied by the Library staff, and you have the best of all research worlds. Read More

A Video Introduction of the J. Porter Shaw Maritime Library



A Study Guide for the J. Porter Shaw Maritime Library and Bibliography

pdf.png Illustrated Study Guide with Bibliography