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The Paul and Linda Kahn Foundation is a private operating foundation incorporated in the State of California in December 1997. It is tax-qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This foundation is not a grant making organization.
Our Mission
The mission of The Paul and Linda Kahn Foundation is to preserve and perpetuate our historical heritage, provide educational opportunities and to promulgate the importance of the arts and religion in our lives. To achieve this mission, the foundation:
  • Makes available to interested members of the public, collections of historical artistic, educational and religious material.
  • Sponsors activities which promote understanding and appreciation of historical, artistic, educational and religious events that include:
    • Assistance in scholarly research and development of methods of preserving important historical works while making their content available to the public.
    • Providing opportunities for researchers to expand their knowledge and research methods for the preservation and maintenance of important historical documents.
  • Communicates with segments of the public with mutual interests, in an effort to focus the efficacy of the foundation's efforts.